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Dynamic Rocks is a division of Monette Landscaping & Construction. We specialize in creating artificial rock waterfalls, business or residential custom signs, museum rock work, and animal habitats. We also create pool filtration covers, well and septic covers, and natural looking landscape enhancements.  With our background in Landscape design, we also bring another key attribute to the table.  We can naturalize our rock creations to the max, with the installation of natural plant material, to give the rock a natural setting.  To view our photos scroll to the bottom of the page.


We hand craft every artificial rock using only quality materials. Don't be worried by the term "Fake Rock." Every artificial rock is molded and formed by hand using a process unique to Dynamic Rocks. We mold real rocks from nature so that the outcome is identical to the real thing.  Each rock is colored in a unique way to have a natural look. Our pieces look so real that we challenge anyone to tell the difference. 


HAND CARVING (Positive Carving)

We also make a variety of hand carved pieces.  With an artistic eye and a knowledge of real rock, these pieces look as convincing as the real deal. We manufacture interior and exterior artificial rock work for water gardens, pool decks, accent pieces, man caves, animal habitats, etc.  We can customize any of our products or your ideas to suit your needs.

Our Glacier rock holds up to 24 of your favorite beverages.  The natural fracture in the front allows for the melting ice to drain down the front of the rock and water the flowers below. 

Our driveway signs can be customized with an imprinted house number and/or a picture.  We can also customize a business logo for that one of a kind business sign.

Our fire pits are the most natural looking on the market.  The fire pit pan is set into a natural looking boulder and can blend with the surrounding landscape.

We can create any type of rock for any application.  If you think it we can create it.  Below is a list of just a few of our products. 

  • Septic covers
  • Well Covers
  • Utility Covers
  • Filtration Covers
  • Fire Pits
  • Glacier Rocks
  • Custom Driveway Signs
  • Custom Business Signs
  • Water Falls
  • Museum Rock Features
  • Taxidermy Rock Features
  • Custom Rock Work
  • Animal Habitats


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